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ABOUT  US                               SPRAY TAN

  • At The Body Tanning in Denver, CO, we're dedicated to giving our clients the gorgeous tanned skin that they desire. With a staff full of detail-oriented perfectionists, you can rest assured knowing that you'll receive an evenly applied tan in the precise color you want. We have multiple shades to match and complement your skin tone.

    Our spray tan technician, Ana Carina, has more than five years of experience in the industry. She is known for her professionalism and her dedication to customer satisfaction. Under her leadership, we look forward to making our clients feel happy and beautiful for years to come.

Organic Airbrush Spray


Everyone wants that stunning sun-kissed look—and now it can be yours without having to spend all day outside in the sweltering heat. Spoil and treat yourself with an organic spray tanning session for only $45. You'll leave us feeling and looking your best. Call now to schedule an appointment. You can come to our location, or we can even come to you.

 The Benefits

While we love a sunny day just as much as the next people, we also know how harmful prolonged exposure to the sun's rays can be. The sun can lead to wrinkling, significant burns, and even the chance of skin cancer. Our method will not leave a burn and is completely harmless, painless, and natural.

With airbrush spray tanning, you can get the same golden brown results in a 20-minute session as you can from 12 hours out in the sun. Not only will you look great, but you now also have 12 extra hours in your day.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Everyone wants to be at their best when it comes time for big events such as weddings, proms, and even date nights. If you want a tan but don't want to spend all day letting the sun slowly do its work, we are the name to call. With quick sessions, we'll have you ready and picture-perfect for your big day in no time. To make matters even better, our spray tans won't run when you get wet. So get out there and show off your new tan poolside.

Gorgeous Results

There's nothing better than feeling confident in your own skin. A great spray tan not only gives your skin that beautiful tone you seek, but it also makes you appear slimmer! Unlike some sunless tanning products, you won't have to worry about looking orange.

We start by allowing you to choose the color you desire, and then our staff applies the product evenly using an airbrush. We have three different shades to accommodate light, medium, and dark skin tones. The results last up to ten days, and frequently even longer. Trust us to help you achieve the tanned look you crave                   

                                                         Tan Enhancement Lotion

Like all good things, tans must come to an end at some point. After one week, you"ll notice the tan fading. But there's good news: we offer organic tanning enhancement lotions to help extend the longevity of your tan. You can moisturize yourself directly after the session, and afterward, you can apply the lotion anywhere, anytime. you'll love how long your tan lasts.